"You make sad look beautiful Brooke Davis." <3 


"You make sad look beautiful Brooke Davis." <3 


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Photo Courtesy: free-your-mind


Photo Courtesy: free-your-mind

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Ladurée x Hello Kitty

I dream about Ladurée macarons all the time.  They are indeed my FAVORITE.  I actually can’t believe I didn’t stop by the bakery last time I was in NYC (that shows how busy I was during fashion week!).  Isn’t this the cutest collaboration ever?

yahh, so i pretty much need these .. like NOW.

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beware of the bridges you burn.

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funny how the people that used to mean the most to you, all of a sudden become no one. what hurts the most, is you don’t give two fucks enough to do anything about it. don’t be surprised that no one will be around to catch you when shit hits the fan and all we have to say is “I told you so.”

all i’d like to say now, is fuck you & i guess family means shit. :)

Proverbs 3:5-6

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Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall directyour paths.

trusting, believing and holding on to this with all i have. <3 

amazing how much can change in just days..

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ne-yo - the best part (is you)

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..on so many levels, i want to scream and cry and scream. fck. i just want to yell at you for being so so .. i don’t even know! 


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oh.my.god. he’s beautiful.

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lovemydad. <3

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daddy: what are you doing here?
me: what do you mean? i live here!
daddy: you do? how come i never see you.
lol .. uhhh.
: :mom packing dad's dinner::
mommy: what kind of ketchup do you want?
daddy: the red one!
my dad is so corny, but i love it. <3

nasty hairspray/mousse drenched crunchy post workout hair. 


nasty hairspray/mousse drenched crunchy post workout hair. 

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someone get married, i wanna go to a wedding! :D

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mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey blahblahblah *yaaackk*

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the past year and some change, i’ve nonstop criticized couples that bleed PDA, send cute lil msgs to each other and post about how in love they are. now, let’s be real, if you know me at all, you’d know i used to be EXACTLY like that lol. why the sudden change? beats me. i guess i’m just a bitter lil girl. i think it irritates me so much because deep down, i want to be like that again. gross. maybe i’m past that whole phase in my life or maybe i’m just broken. ugh.

believe that for you i’d do it all over again.

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break down my walls.

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I’ve become so guarded through the years and I’ve always apologized for it or made excuses for people not trying hard enough for as long as I can remember. "Sorry I’m so emotional. Sorry I don’t open up and express my feelings. Sorry I over-analyze everything. I’m just a hard person to be with. I’m too much to handle. I push people away, it’s not their fault." But you know what? Take it or leave it, this is me. I am the way I am because of the bullshit and heartache I’ve been through and I don’t care if I seem “difficult”. No matter how deeply in love I will ever be, trust me that I’ll be protecting myself till the end because ultimately, I’m the only one who can protect my heart. So, please, don’t use my fears, insecurities and caution against me. Don’t be surprised if I get scared, shut you out and keep quiet. That just means try harder and show me you care enough to break down my walls.